How to Grow Porcini Mushrooms

What are Porcini mushrooms?

Porcini mushrooms offer a delicate flavor. You’ll find that the earthy flavor similar to hazelnuts that can be found in many Italian dishes. This specific mushroom is extremely popular in Italy which is why you find so many Italian recipes that call for them. It has even developed the name as the poor man’s steak. The freshness will improve their taste and ultimately the dish that you are preparing. Home grown mushrooms often have more flavor than store bought. Discover just how easy it is to grow porcini mushrooms in your own home.

porcini mushrooms

What do you need to grow them?

It’s very easy to grow Porcini mushrooms, even with minimal experience and minimal supplies.

Here’s what you’ll need,

  • A Cool location for ideal conditions
  • Sawdust inoculated with spores (sawdust is the food for the spores)
  • Cardboard 2 feet high by 3 feet wide
  • Water
  • Spray Bottle
  • Duct tape

How to begin cultivation

The most difficult supply to find is going to be Porcini mushroom spores, but the internet makes anything easy.

Step 1: Soak the cardboard in water. You’ll need to peel apart the cardboard and expose the ribbed side.

Step 2: While the cardboard is still wet, you’ll need to generously coat the ribbed side with the sawdust inoculated with spores.

Step 3: Once fully coated you will roll the piece of cardboard up. This should be rolled much like a burrito and the saw dust as the meat.

Step 4: Tape the rolled cardboard to prevent unraveling using the duct tape.

Step 5: Now place into optimal location that will remain in temperatures between 60 an 64 degrees Fahrenheit and with a 95 percent humidity level, such as a greenhouse or your garden during certain times of the year.

Step 6: All that’s left is to keep the cardboard moist with a spray bottle filled with water.

You can begin harvesting your porcini mushrooms when they are your ideal size…

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