5 Best Chaga Mushroom Teas

Chaga mushrooms have a lot of naturally healthy benefits. They support the immune system, fight against cancer, are good for your skin, good for ulcers and gastritis, and they reduce inflammation. So, when your tea comes with a perfect combination of Chaga mushrooms, you will experience great health benefits. Yes, you are right. It will no longer be ordinary tea; it will just become healthy tea in many ways and definitely in an organic way. Here you will see some of the finest quality Chaga mushrooms blended teas you can try.

Maine Chaga Premium Tea Chunks

This pre-cubed chunk is perfectly sized for tea. The four ounce-pack can make 34-50 servings. These chunks do not require any tea bags and are 100% caffeine free. You may reuse these chunks several times. These Maine Chaga mushrooms are 100% USA harvested. Again, these mushrooms are not cultivated. Simply pure organic chunk gathered from wild and naturally grown Chaga.

Sayan Siberian Chaga Mushroom Tea by Sayan

Sayan tea contains 20% of Chaga extract and the other 80 % is wild harvested raw ground Chaga. Each pack comes with 20 tea-bags. Each bag contains refreshing tea with raw and extracts of chaga. This potent immune booster tea is very helpful during cold and flu season.

Chaga Tea by Buddha Teas

Chaga is one of the best-known sources of antioxidants that you can easily consume whenever you drink tea. Buddha Teas brings this Chaga Tea which contains 18 tea bags that are 100% natural. This product is caffeine free. There are no artificial colors, preservatives or additives. Naturally sourced from Canada. Very easy to use. Simply take a cup of boiling water, use one tea bag for a cup and steep for 3-6 minutes and enjoy naturally healthy Chaga tea. 

Chaga Mushroom Tea by NordicNordic

This delicious flavored tea is a combination of the highest quality of Chaga that is grown and collected wild from Finland. The tea has numerous health benefits. The pack contains 20 bleach-free tea bags, and each tea bag can be used up to 3 times. So, you can get up to 60 cups of tea. 

Salem Botanicals Chaga Herbal Tea

This botanical herbal tea comes in 20 tea bags per packet. Ingredients of this natural herbal tea are Chaga, Rose Hip Fruit, Hibiscus, Stevia. If you want to experience better taste, you can simply add honey or lemon after preparing tea. Daily 2-3 cups can be drinkable between meals.