How to Grow Mushrooms?

Learning how to grow mushrooms can seem like an impossible task, given the amount of conflicting information on the internet, various supplies, and many different tedious procedures that can be involved. We are here to tell you that growing mushrooms can be, and is easy! We will help guide you through what seems to be the impossible and difficult task of growing your own mushrooms, and you wont ever have to buy your mushrooms from the store again! So how does it sound to have unlimited supplied of healthy and organic mushrooms? Great, right? Let’s Get started.

mushroom growing room

Choosing a location to grow mushrooms

First you will have to decide on a location to grow you mushrooms that will suit your local environment. Do you want to grow them indoors, or outside? Growing indoors is usually the most practical option for someone who is just learning. You will have precise control over the climate of the environment, and you won’t have to walk very far to get to your mushroom fruiting area for daily maintenance. Indoors this is usually accomplished by using a large plastic tub as an incubator placed in a secluded location. For most, a cleaned out closet makes the best place for their setup.


Sanitation of the area and equipment

Your greatest enemy in any mushroom growing endeavor is contamination. Contaminants are molds and bacteria that get inside your substrate and overtake the mycelium that you are trying to grow. Without caution, an entire grow can be lost to contaminants. Sanitation is the key to success. The more effort you put into maintaining a sanitized environment, the less effort you waste on failure. Skipping small details can cause big problems later on. If you want to go far, you will need to pay extra attention to these procedures.

You must keep your grow area extremely clean. When preparing the area, pre-clean all surfaces with a 3% bleach solution followed by 70% rubbing alcohol. Shower beforehand and wear freshly laundered clothes. Oust or another air sanitizer must be used in great amounts to clean surrounding air when performing most procedures. Wipe all tools or equipment with alcohol once initially and once right before use. Always watch direction of your breath when working with exposed mycelium. Wear latex gloves with every procedure and sanitize with alcohol before handling materials. Substrates need to be sterilized or pasteurized before using.

These steps must be followed every time. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and save you an untold amount of time and money. There is no so such thing as being too cautious when growing mushrooms.


Common materials that are needed

Although some materials will vary based on the method you choose to use, the following are some you will need and where to get them regardless of which method(s) you choose.

Mushroom Spores

The first step towards starting your journey is obtaining mushroom spores. We recommend buying mushroom spores from Mushroom spores should always be purchased from a reputable source because there are many scam artists that do not sell what they advertise if you receive anything at all. Always google reviews about a spore supplier before you buy. Mushroom spore syringes can be reserved for months if kept in the refrigerator as long as it is in a clean container.

Wide Mouth Mason Jars

These are jars used for canning and range from the size of half-pint up to quart and higher (half gallon). Many department stores and some grocery stores carry mason jars. Walmart usually stocks spring through fall. You can find some here: Canning jars at walmart

Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a pot with an air tight lid that allows the pressure within to rise to 10-15psi to achieve higher temperatures. This is the most expensive and necessary purchase you will make. Unless you plan on ordering all of your jars and substrate pre-sterilized from an online vendor of mushroom grow kits, a pressure cooker is your best investment. They can be found at Walmart and most retail stores.


Choosing a species to grow

There are many species of mushroom that are easy to grow and great to start with for a first time cultivator. We also have several guides on each of the below species that you can browse and decide for yourself on what you want to start with. Typically people learn how to grow white button mushrooms for their first project or they learn how to grow porcini mushrooms. Bot are great choices to make for a beginner, and will ensure that you have the best yields possible, until you become more experienced and learn how to construct more elaborate setups.