Shiitake Mushroom Log by 2funguys

This product by 2funguys is a mushroom log that is ideal to grow shiitake mushrooms on. This product comes with two easy to handle logs. They are cut from great healthy trees and are perfect for growing mushrooms. The logs are 6 – 9 inches in length and 2- 6 inches in diameter. These logs are smaller than usual logs, but they will still produce shiitake mushrooms all year around. These take less space meaning it will be easier to use in smaller areas. The logs also come with complete instructions for anyone who might be unfamiliar or new to this.  

Shiitake Mushroom Log features:

  • You will get 2 logs. They are very easy to handle and also easy to use because of their smaller size.
  • These logs are made from organic spawn. The trees they are cut from are very healthy.
  • You can grow shiitake on these logs for years. Even though they are smaller in size, they can still produce many shiitake mushrooms in a small amount of time.
  • You can recycle these logs. You can also reuse these logs.
  • Soak these logs in cold water according to the instructions, and you will get fantastic results.

You will get some delicious mushroom caps from these logs. The shiitake mushrooms will be very healthy and delicious. You can use them as an ingredient in some healthy and tasty dishes.

If you are looking to grow shiitake mushrooms, then these logs are just what you are looking for. They are small in size and easy to use and you will have great results.