Mushroom Tea Benefits

mushroom tea benefitsIf you are an average tea drinker, you might have noticed that recently a new type of tea is starting become more and more famous. It is called the mushroom tea.

Now when you think of tea, chances are you don’t think of mushrooms. You might be thinking So what’s the deal? Why are people becoming more and more interested in mushroom tea?

In order to answer that we have to know what a mushroom tea actually is.

What Is a Mushroom Tea?

Mushrooms tea usually means a tea made with mushrooms. It can take many different forms. It can be made with mushroom powders or dried mushrooms or by other means.

Why Drink Mushroom Tea?

You have many reasons to drink mushroom tea. It’s healthy and it’s also delicious.

Mushroom Tea Benefits Are Amazing

Mushroom tea gives you plenty of vitamins. It has vitamin D which helps your skin and teeth.

This tea helps you against skin diseases. It also has vitamin B. It helps your eyes a great deal. If you drink this tea it will help you sleep much better.

This is especially useful for mothers and older parents. Drinking this tea also helps you with your stomach digestion. It helps you digest foods much faster.

It also helps against anxiety and stress. People often have trouble being calm in a stressful situation. However, mushroom tea you can stay stress free. It will also help you be more energetic and upbeat.

Not only that but this tea boosts your mood. So if you are ever feeling down then take a sip of this tea and boom! Chances are you will feel a lot better.

Some mushroom tea also gives you small amounts of folate. The vitamin B-12 and vitamin C. Folate is very important for rapidly growing cells in your body. You need it to make genetic material and to keep your brain functioning effectively.

The Vitamin B-12 also works with the folate to improve your immune system and mood. Your immune system protects you from many different types of diseases like fever, flu etc.

The mushroom tea is great for blood pressure. It can help keep your blood pressure under check. So if you have a diabetic condition, then drinking this type of tea can do wonders for you.

It is also great for heart related diseases. It can help keep your much heart healthier.

Eating foods rich in anti-oxidants helps prevent many forms of disease and help you feel better. Anti-oxidant rich tea, such as mushroom tea is a great way to keep anti-oxidants circulating in your bloodstream throughout the day.

Because of the way mushroom grows, it accumulates an enormous amount of anti-oxidants over time.


The mushroom tea is very delicious. The mushrooms have a somewhat earthy flavor with a slight bitterness. It also has a naturally occurring form of vanillin, the same as what is found in vanilla bean.

You can drink this mushroom tea straight just like any other herb. However, because it is so dense in nutrients and anti-oxidants, the mushroom lends itself to be an ideal component to be blended with other herbs.

It’s like cooking with mushrooms. The earthy flavor will complement many other herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric and honey bush.

So if you put in other flavors in the tea you might have a delicious tea unlike any other with a great smell.

So as you can see mushrooms tea being popular is not a fluke. It is a great tea because of its many health benefits. It also has a delicious flavor.

So if you are feeling thirsty on a cold day or just feel like having some hot beverage then try the mushroom tea. I don’t think you will regret it.