Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn By 2funguys

Shiitake mushroom mycelium plug by 2funguys are useful mushroom spawn plugs. This product comes with a 100 count of mushroom plugs. They are full of healthy mushroom mycelium for your mushrooms to grow. This Shiitake Plug Spawn features a very fast spawn run, large, thick, first flush mushrooms. You will need to provide the freshly cut wood, a drill and 5/16″ drill bit, wax, and hammer among other things. These plugs are super easy to use on your provided log. You can have your edible log-grown shiitake mushroom in no time. You can simply inoculate these plugs into your logs. You can have pounds of your shiitake mushrooms in your garden. They are easy to use.

Some key features of Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn:

  • You can grow your Shiitake mushroom on your hardwood logs or stumps or bolts.
  • You will get 100 mushroom spawn plugs that are mycelium infused.
  • The Shiitake dowels are usually 5/16 diameters.
  • The product also comes with very easy to use inoculation instructions.
  • Based on the wood type you can expect to get your first fruiting in 6 – 15 months. The shiitake mycelium is very fast running.

The plugs are very well packaged, and sometimes they might even sprout a few shiitakes as well. You will also have very thorough instructions for new users as well as more experienced users. This is a great product for fast colonization. The shiitake are also very tasty and healthy to eat. They are full of vitamins and necessary minerals. You will also get this product very quickly as you order them.

This mushroom spawn is very useful for growing shiitake fast. So if you are looking to grow shiitake fast and have some great healthy mushrooms at the same time, then this is just the product for you.