Identification method of Chanterelles Mushroom

Edible Chanterelles MushroomChanterelles mushroom is a popular edible type mushroom. All mushrooms are not edible and some mushrooms are even poisonous. If you are a mushroom lover, you should to know the identification process of mushrooms.  Here are some steps to identify chanterelles mushroom.

  • False gills: These mushrooms have false gills. They are hard to move from the cap. These gills run down the stem.
  • Cap: The Caps looks like a vase. They are mainly light yellow to orange yellow color.
  • Stem: the stems are smooth. Around the base or ring there‚Äôs no bulb around. They are usually not hollow and the same color as the cap.
  • Spore print: The spore color is usually white to light yellow color.
  • Habitat: These Mushrooms are mycorrhizal; they usually grow on the ground of a variety of hardwood forests. They often take foods from plant or tree roots.