Identification Method of Enoki Mushroom

Edible Enoki MushroomEnoki (also known as enokitake or enokidake) is a thin, long and white mushroom which is mostly used in East Asian cuisine. These mushrooms are cultivars of Flammulina velutipes, which are also familiar as lily mushroom or golden needle mushroom. Identifying these mushrooms are not tough enough. Check these easy steps:

Caps: The caps are usually white colored.

Stems: The stems are long with petite.

Size: They are long. At their base there is a collar which is the reason for their long growth style.

Stem: They have thin delicate stems which can grow up to five inches in length.

Taste: They are crunchy when bite and a refreshing flavor.

Wild: Wild enoki is slightly different from the produced form. The wild ones have shorter stems with larger caps and the color is orange to brown.