Calories in Mushrooms – See Calorie Count in Edible Mushrooms

Now-a-days this is very important to know the amount of calories in food. We need to know calories even for every single food we take in order live a healthy life.

This table will help you count calories for some edible mushrooms.

Kilocalories as per 100 grams
White mushroom22 kcal
Boiled white mushroom28 kcal
Portobello mushroom22 kcal
Grilled portobello mushroom29 kcal
Chanterelles mushroom, raw38 kcal
Cremini mushroom (brown mushroom)22 kcal
Shiitake mushroom34 kcal
Morel mushroom31 kcal
Oyster mushroom43 kcal
Enoki mushroom37 kcal
Porcini mushroom81.84 kcal