Identification Method of Portobello Mushroom

Edible Portobella MushroomPortobello mushroom (sometime called portabella) are also very popular mushrooms and known type to mushroom lovers. They are very tasty and full of nutrients. When young they are called cremini mushrooms. They are very healthy as they are full of potassium, amino acid and vitamin B. Here are some processes to identify portobello mushrooms.

  • Cap: The cap is usually pale gray in color.
  • Spore: The spore print is usually dark brown.
  • Flesh: The flesh is white. But if bruised it’ll turn pinkish. This usually happens when a lot of pressure is put upon it.
  • Growing habitant: This mushroom is usually found in field and grassy areas following rain, during late spring up to autumn, especially with the availability of compost.