Mushroom For Brain Health

Human brainmushroom for brain health is the most important part of human body. It is also the most complex. It drives us, make us feel, Make us think, make us dream. The brain cannot be replaced. That’s why it’s so very important to care of it. All other organs rely on the brain so if the brain functions well we and our whole body will function well. There are many deadly brain diseases out there that harms our brain and even kill us. And there’s not many medicine for this types of diseases. Not to mention they are extremely expensive. But one thing that helps our brain that’s not expensive are mushrooms. They are easy to collect. They are easy to grow and eat. Because mushrooms are also tasty they also make for great foods. Here are a few reasons as to why you need to keep your brain healthy and why you need mushrooms to do that.

Why brain health is important:

Brain controls your thoughts: Brain is the organ that controls your thoughts. It helps you make decisions and can improve your life. Our thoughts make us who we are and if our brain isn’t working properly our thoughts are badly affected. In many cases of mental illness is caused because of some kind of brain dysfunction. So we need to keep our thoughts sharp and to do that we need our brain to be healthy. Because a weak brain may lead to many dangerous roads. That’s why we need to keep our brain healthy so that our thoughts aren’t affected. Because a healthy brain creates healthy thoughts.

Memory: Brain controls your memory. It’s one of the key elements that makes us who we are. It helps us remember what we like and what we dislike. What food we should eat, who our friends and family members are. Without memory we really have nothing. Just like a computer our memory makes us who we are. So it’s very important to keep our memory sharp. And the brain controls this function. So we need to keep our brain healthy so that we can be more successful in life. Many memory related diseases like Alzheimer’s hurts our memory and affects us very badly. Many Alzheimer’s patients can’t remember their names or their family member’s names. And it is very tragic. That’s why we need our brain healthy so that our memory stays sharp.

Vision: Memory also controls our visions. It controls our eye sight. And without our eyes working properly life just becomes difficult. We need our eyes for everything in our life. Where we go and what we do depends on our eyes. If we have bad eye sight it can affect our career our relationships and many other things. We also need eyes to read. And without reading we can’t learn and without learning society is effected badly along with ourselves. If the brain is damaged somehow the eyes can get affected. In many cases of blindness happen because of some sort of brain dysfunction. So it is necessary to keep our brain healthy and as a result keep our eyes healthy.

Muscle: Brain also controls our muscle. We need our muscles to do everything. We need them for walking. We need them for sports. We need them for any physical work. Especially in cases of physical work like construction or sports we need our muscles. Without them we are useless. Even when it comes to mental work we still need muscles to type or pick up a book. If we have muscle pain in any way we are effected badly in regular life. Also muscles help us stay in shape, it helps us do exercises and it also affects us mentally because healthy body leads to healthy minds. In many cases paralysis happen cause of brain damage. Also without muscles we wouldn’t be able to do any kind of physical works so we need to keep our brain healthy because that will lead to keeping your muscles healthy.

Why you need mushroom to keep your brain healthy:

In recent years scientists have found interesting discoveries on multiple studies. They found that the effects of mushrooms on brain health is often times very positive. Their conclusion is that the fungi contains a “preventive system against the Alzheimer’s disease.”

Another recent study have found out that mushrooms contain ingredients that enhances brain nerve in many ways, increase gray matter and they also help prevent Alzheimer’s which is a very deadly disease.

Research studies have also found out that mushrooms have a strong antioxidant liquid that protect you against the inflammation which can lead to cognitive decline.  Inflammation are the main reasonof many other sickness as well.

The ingredients in mushrooms complete their cognitive positive effects by increasing the production of a liquid named nerve growth factor which as a result enhances the brain’s gray matter. Nerve growth factor is also the reason that brain cells get longer lifespans and gets the ability to work at a higher level.

Another Japanese research study which involved 7 Dementia patient from the age of 50 – 80 shows positive results as well. The study participants were examined before and after the research period for their Functional Independence Measure (FIM). FIM counts both physical and mental capabilities like eating, dressing, walking, communication, memory and understanding. The research lasted around 6 months. During the time the participants were given 5 grams of lion’s mane mushroom as soups daily. Almost 6 of the 7 participants conditions improved greatly. All seven increased their FIM scores. The researcher’s and doctor’s conclusion was as expected. The cognitive positive effects related with the mushrooms can improve the lives of Alzheimer’s patients by a great deal.

Another Chinese research and another one done in the Kuala Lumpur have found that the mushrooms increase brain function and activity in both rats and humans.

Mushrooms also have other benefits.

Shitake mushrooms are found to protect your stomach and relieve stomach ailments and not only that but it also helps you against stomach cancer.  It contains antiviral and antibacterial properties and it has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat many diseases like cold and many others.

Reishi, also known as “Mushroom of Immortality,” increase the immune function, helps prostate health, lowers your blood pressure and it can reduce arthritis pain by a great deal.

Himematsutake is a relative of the popular common white button mushroom. It has shown that it contains anticancer properties and it can also help decrease insulin resistance in diabetics by a great deal.

Mushrooms have also shown that it can help lower blood pressure and contains highly beneficial vitamins like theB3 AKA niacin.  Niacin enhances the body’s ability to get it’s toxins out. A study on mice that was done in Japan demonstrates that a mushroom supplement isable to complete cancerous sarcoma tumor reduction by a whole lot.

Mushrooms are also high in the health beneficial liquids like the selenium, iron and copper.